11 August 2010

San Diego Trip - Day 2

I'm currently in San Diego, CA for a class on Adobe Captivate. I couldn't pass the up the chance to bring my camera and take some photos while here. These are the best from Day Two.

Harbor outside out hotel

I like this one.  Simple but looks like an advertisement.  San Diego!  Go there!

Cropped photo to get rid of the dirty looking shore.

This is a good one too.  Perfect.

There was a guy who works at the hotel who saw me taking photos and brought some food out to feed to the seagulls so I could shoot them.  They were all over but I didn't get a good one.  As I was walking away I came up to this guy just sitting off by himself.  You never know where you'll get "The Shot" huh?


  1. Exellent! I really enjoyed these,
    Rachel ( I know it says mona, but that is my screen name for stuff! )

  2. Gorgeous photos !!!!!!
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