11 August 2010

San Diego Trip - Day 2

I'm currently in San Diego, CA for a class on Adobe Captivate. I couldn't pass the up the chance to bring my camera and take some photos while here. These are the best from Day Two.

Harbor outside out hotel

I like this one.  Simple but looks like an advertisement.  San Diego!  Go there!

Cropped photo to get rid of the dirty looking shore.

This is a good one too.  Perfect.

There was a guy who works at the hotel who saw me taking photos and brought some food out to feed to the seagulls so I could shoot them.  They were all over but I didn't get a good one.  As I was walking away I came up to this guy just sitting off by himself.  You never know where you'll get "The Shot" huh?

San Diego Trip - Day 1

I'm currently in San Diego, CA for a class on Adobe Captivate.  I couldn't pass the up the chance to bring my camera and take some photos while here.  These are the best from Day One.

The streetsign outside our hotel.  Photo edited to have a classic Cali look.

Sea World, San Diego.  Military get a free one-day pass.  Sweet!

Sunset at the marina outside our hotel.

San Diego at night.

23 July 2010

On the 4th

I meant to post these a while back but I’ve been a slacker.  Bad me.

Anyway, these are pics from the 4th taken from the Bossier City side of the Red River.  My first attempt at taking firework pictures.  Not too bad I guess.  Still need to work on timing a bit.  I’m glad there was a breeze though because from what I understand the hardest part, especially later in the show, is that the smoke starts getting in the way.  The wind blew most of that away so it wasn’t an issue.


By the way, one of the boats at in the top pic and the boat with its lights off in the bottom two belongs to a coworker of mine.  I didn't know he was there, just happened to be in the pics.  Small world.

03 July 2010

Sunflower Garden

We are participating in a community garden that's just down the street from us. We're growing various veggies but another plot has some very large, beautiful sunflowers growing. Here are some pics. I'm very happy with these and I may actually print them at some point to put on the wall.


24 June 2010

Downtown Couples Photoshoot

Part of our “final project”, if you will, was to go to downtown Shreveport and take photos of a couple. This is Chris and Sara, a soon-to-be-engaged couple who was willing to get dressed up and walk around with the paparazzi on a hot Sunday afternoon. It was my first time doing something like this so I’m really happy with they way the came out. I don’t really like people because it’s a lot of pressure to get that “One” shot. They were very open and understanding and I think Sara had done some modeling before; she definitely had the posing down.

22 June 2010

Our Gallery

Last Sunday was our Gallery at the church. It was a culmination of both our photography class as well that of the art class and a chance for us to display our works. I don’t think anyone but Perry displayed any photos taken during the class, but everyone’s photos came out very nicely. I got a little carried away and ended up printing out 13 8x10 photos, 12 of which I mounted on foam board and one I framed, with the intention of gifting it.

Well everyone gushed over my photos as they do and I tried to play humble as I do but as a Words of Affirmation person, I soaked it all up. Everyone one encouraged me to sell them (though no one offered to buy one) but I still have no idea how to go about doing that. I was tossing the idea of setting up a booth at one of the many crustacean related festivals around with Kristy. Who knows, we’ll see.

Because of the recent craziness I’ve been neglecting both of my blogs and I have a back log of photos to share. I’ll work on doing that in the next couple of days.

06 May 2010

The Slow Shutter Waterfall Effect

We had been talking about trying to get the cool effect in falling water in Photo Class. While on our trip to Missouri we stopped at a little roadside park that had a creek running through it. I took the chance to try out this technique. The photos aren’t anything spectacular but I did manage to get the effect. I got it by switching the camera to Shutter Priority mode and leaving the shutter open for 2 seconds. I also changed the Auto White Balance to the Cloudy setting. It got the cool cascade while maintaining the light levels and not washing everything out.